Leading technology with innovation

  Software is the core of the Internet of Things, and innovation is the soul of software. We upgrade technology through technical innovation and create high-quality and efficient IoT software system solutions by virtue of professional and adept skills.

  Senthink, originates from sensing, thinking, and wisdom, adheres to the youngness, intelligence, and vitality of TA, and devotes to the development of a large number of new technologies in the field of Internet innovation.

  We seek development through innovation and always believe that we can change the world in a better way and create a better life of IoT!

  Senthink combines software and platforms to provide high-quality and efficient software system solutions for IoT, cloud platforms, smart cities, intelligent buildings, smart home and industrial 4.0 etc., focuses on building complete supporting IoT software systems consisting of "software, hardware, and people", and serves customers from the aspects of big data, hardware intellectualization and software humanization, etc.

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