NB-IoT Multi-band Module

NB86-G is a high-performance and low-power consumption multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module, and it supports Bands 1, 3, 5, 8, 20, 28.

It is developed and designed based on Hisilicon Boudica150 chipset, and can meet the network needs of most operators in the world.

Its size is only 20mm*16mm*2.2mm. It can best meet the requirement of terminal equipment on the small size, and meanwhile can optimize product cost.

In structural design, it is compatible to Lierda single-band NBXX-01 module, so that the clients can quickly upgrade the product;

Scope of Application: NBXX-01, MB86-BX, NB86-G and other series of wireless communication modules have become the ideal choices of IoT application. They are applied to such areas and industries as wireless meter reading, shared bikes, smart transportation, smart city, security, asset tracking, smart household appliances, agriculture and environment monitoring, and have provided perfect SMS and data transmission services.

  • Feature
    Performance Indexes

    Items Parameters Multi-band Module
    Hardware Interface 2 UART interfaces
    1 antenna pin
    1 SIM/USIM card communication interface
    1 reset pin
    1 ADC interface
    GPIO interface which can be developed secondarily
    Software Support 3GPP TR 45.820 and other AT extension commands
    Embedded UDP, IP, COAP and other network protocols
    Support secondary development of application programs
    Module Features Support 3GPP standards Rel.13 and Rel.14
    Module package LCC and Stamp hole package
    Maximum coupling loss (MCL) -164dBm
    Maximum output power 23dBm±2dB
    Communication rate
    24Kbps (DL)
    16Kbps (UL)
    Power consumption <5uA (PSM)
    Working temperature -30℃~+85℃
    Extension temperature -40℃~+85℃
    Working voltage VBAT 2.9V~4.2V (TBD) Typical 3.6V
    Module Size L*W*H 20*16*2.2 (mm)

    Functional Characteristics

    Module Name Module Model PN
    NB86-G multi-band module NB86-G LSD4NBN-LB03000001

  • Relevant information
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