NB-IoT Tarcker

Huawei develops the first network chip which supports NB-IoT in the industry, Boudica120. Based on Huawei’s NB-IoT chip, Lierda develops NB-IoT modules, and develops a low-power tracker product NB-IoT Tracker.

  • Feature
    • Support NB network, ultra-low-power and ultra-long standby time, report position information once an hour, can be used continuously for more than 20 days (24h)
    • Ultra-small size: 45*35*12mm, the size of a match box
    • Support multiple wearing methods
    • Support GPS/Beidou positioning
    • One-click emergency alarm
    • Rechargeable
    • LED state indication
    • Support APP and backstage management
    • Can view history trace and set electronic fence
    • APP can be bound with more than one locator, and one locator can be bound by more than one APP

    Product Functions Product Performance
    NBIOT band5/band8 NBIOT frequency band 850M/900M
    GPS Support GPS Precision 5-20m
    Beidou positioning Support Beidou positioning Support
    AGPS Support Number of channels 22
    LBS base station positioning Not Support Cold start 32S
    3D acceleration sensor Optional Hot start <1S
    WIFI positioning Not support Sensitivity -165dbm
    Remote upgrading Support Average standby current 5uA
    Low-battery alarm Support Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
    ESIM card Support Working Humidity 95%
    Built-in battery Support GPS antenna FPC or LDS
    Charging Support NBIOT antenna FPC or LDS
    Charging protection Support Test and Certification 3C
    One-click SOS Support Product Architecture NBIOT+GPS
    Dimensions 45*32*12mm

    Introduction to APP Functions

    • Registration: Support email registration and mobile phone number registration
    • Equipment binding: One mobile phone can be bound with more than one device, and one device can be bound by more than one mobile phone
    • The working mode of the equipment can be set at APP: find mode: Normally no positioning, and the equipment reports positions only after APP initiates a request

    tracking mode: report GPS location (5min-24h settable) according to the reporting frequency set by the APP

    • Reporting frequency settable at APP: 5min-24h reporting interval
    • Can view the latest GPS positioning information and historical positioning information at APP

    Introduction to Backstage Platform

    1. The backstage can register and manage all devices.

    2. Review current and history location information of each device.

    3. Easy tracking of history locations, so as to effectively track and prevent loss.

    4. Record device status in detail, and generate data reports.

    5. Abnormality alarm, and send SMS to relevant personnel for timely handling.

    6. Other value-added services.

    Functional Characteristics

    NB-IoT Tacker is very applicable to positioning and anti-loss of the elderly and kids, positioning of valuable assets and pets; can be used in transporting circulation boxes, trays and containers, can acquire logistics circulation trace, and regularly report location information.

    It can work with various sensors for ambient temperature, ambient humidity, ambient lighting, ambient air pressure, body acceleration, etc. according to the scene requirements and the on-site environment.

    It can also monitor environmental and movement status of objects.

  • Relevant information
    Relevant Information
    Contact Information: Mr. Xu 18067988168
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